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CATIA V5, Cam Eğitimi

CATIA V5, Cam Eğitimi



1) Manufacturing Workbench Presentation

» Workbench Introduction
» Process Presentation
» Manufacturing Terminology
» Manufacturing Workbench More Details

2) Machine and Part Setup

» About Setup
» Defining the Setup
» Part Operation

3) Machining Operation Definition

» Machining Operations Presentation
» Tools and Tool Assembly
» Feedrates Computation
» Macro Motions
» Axial Operations
» The different Process Views
» Geometry Wizard (Edge, Face)
» Tool Path Verification and Simulation

4) Tools for Optimization

» Auto Sequence
» Auxiliary Operations

5) Output Generation
» General Process to Generate Output Files
» General Process to Generate- NC Code Output Files
» How to Generate HTML Documentation
» Generating NC Code: More Details
» More Details About Batch Queue Manager

6) Advanced Topics
» Import and Modify Tool Path
» Import V4 NC Mill and NC Lathe Set
» Machining Processes
» Manage Resources
» PP Word Table Customization
» Design Change Management


1) Introduction to Milling Operations

» Introduction to Prismatic Machining
» How to Access the Prismatic Machining Workbench
» Workbench User Interface
» How to Create a Milling Operation

2) Facing Operation

» Facing Operation: Introduction
» Creating a Facing Operation: General Process
» Facing Operation: Strategy
» Facing Operation: Geometry
» How to Select/Create a Tool
» General Process to Select Feeds and Speeds

3) Pocketing Operation

» Pocketing Operation: Introduction
» Creating a Pocketing Operation: General Process
» Pocketing Operation: Strategy
» Pocketing Operation: Geometry
» Pocketing Operation: Feeds and Speeds
» Pocketing Operation: Dedicated Approach Macro

4) 4-Axis Pocketing Operation

» 4-Axis Pocketing Operation: Introduction
» Creating a 4-Axis Pocketing Operation: General Process
» 4-Axis Pocketing Operation: Strategy
» 4-Axis Pocketing Operation: Geometry
» 4-Axis Pocketing Operation: Macros

5) Prismatic Roughing Operation

» Prismatic Roughing Operation: Introduction
» Creating a Prismatic Roughing Operation: General Process
» Prismatic Roughing Operation: Strategy
» Prismatic Roughing Operation: Geometry
» Prismatic Roughing Operation: Macros

6) Profile Contouring Operation
» Profile Contouring Operation: Introduction
» Creating a Profile Contouring Operation: General Process
» Profile Contouring Operation: Strategy
» Profile Contouring Operation: Geometry
» Profile Contouring Operation: Feeds and Speeds

7) Groove Milling Operation

» Groove Milling Operation: Introduction
» Creating a Groove Milling Operation: General Process
» Groove Milling Operation: Strategy
» Groove Milling Operation: Geometry
» Groove Milling Operation: Tool

8) Point To Point Operation

» Point To Point Operation: Introduction
» Creating a Point To Point Operation: General Process
» Point To Point Operation: Strategy

9) Curve Following Operation

» Curve Following Operation: Introduction
» Creating a Curve Following Operation: General Process
» Curve Following Operation: Strategy
» Curve Following Operation: Geometry

10) Sequential Axial and Groove Operations

» Sequential Operations: Introduction
» Creating a Sequential Operation: General Process
» Sequential Axial Operation: Strategy
» Sequential Axial Operation: Geometry
» Sequential Groove Operation: Strategy
» Sequential Groove Operation: Geometry
» Sequential Operations: Tools
» Sequential Operations: Feeds and Speeds
» Sequential Operations: Macros

11) Prismatic Rework Area

» Prismatic Rework Area: Introduction
» Creating a Prismatic Rework Area: General Process
» Creating Prismatic Rework Area with Pocketing
» Creating Prismatic Rework Area with Profile Contouring

12) Prismatic Machining Area

» Prismatic Machining Area: Introduction
» Creating Prismatic Machining Area with Pocket Type
» Using Prismatic Machining Area for a Pocketing Operation
» Creating Prismatic Machining Area with Contour Type
» Using Prismatic Machining Area for a Profile Contouring Oper...
» Using Prismatic Machining Area for Machining Processes an...

13) NC Macro Definition

» NC Macro: Introduction
» Types of Macro
» Details of a Clearance Macro
» Pre-defined Macros
» Build by User macros Tool Box
» Actions on your Macro
» How to modify Parameters on Macro
» Creating Your Own Macro with Cutter Compensation