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CATIA V5, Analiz Eğitimi

CATIA V5, Analiz Eğitimi


CATIA V5 Generative Part Structural Analysis (GPS, 1 gün)

Introduction to Finite Element Analysis

» Introduction to GPS Analysis
» General FEA Process in GPS

GPS Pre-Processing

» What is Pre-processing
» GPS Pre-processing Tools
» Applying Material, Defining User Material
» Managing Mesh-Part
» Applying Physical Property
» Defining Restraints
» Defining Loads
» Defining Virtual Parts
» Model Checker
» Advanced Pre-Processing Tools
» Frequency Analysis

GPS Computation

» Computing a Static Case
» Computing a Frequency Solution
» Computing with Adaptivity
» Historic of Computation

GPS Post-processing

» Results Visualization, Image Creation, Cut Plane Analysis
» Mesh Refinement, Mesh Adaptivity
» Results Management

Managing Analysis

CATIA V5 Generative Assembly Structural Analysis (GAS, 1 gün)

Introduction to GAS
» Assembly Analysis Overview
» Analysis Assembly Overview
» What is GAS?
» Hypotheses Used for Analysis

Analysis Connections
» What is Analysis Connection?
» General Analysis Connection
» Defining Line Analysis Connections
» Defining Point Analysis Connections
» Defining Surface Analysis Connections
» Points to Points Analysis Connection
» Set of Analysis Connections

GAS Connection Properties
» Face Face Connection Properties
» Distant Connection Properties
» Welding Connection Properties
» Nodes to Nodes Connection Property

Analysis Assembly Management

CATIA V5 FE Mesh Surface (FMS, 2 gün)

Introduction to FEM Surface
» What is FEM Surface
» User Interface
» Accessing the Workbench for FMS
» General Process for FEM Surface Analysis

Advanced Surface Mesh

» Advanced Surface Mesher
» Global Parameters
» Advanced Surface Local Specifications
» Advanced Surface Execution Tools
» Advanced Surface Edition Tools
» Domain Edition
» Modify Mesh

Surface Mesh

» Surface Mesher
» Local Specifications
» Geometrical Specification
» 1D Mesh Specifications
» 2D Mesh Specifications
» Execution Tools
» Edition Tools

OCTREE Triangle Mesher

» What is OCTREE Triangle Mesher

Beam Mesher

» How to Mesh Using Beam Mesher
» How to Modify Beam Mesh

Mesh Operators

» What is Mesh Offset
» What is Split Quads
» How to Use Move Mesh Nodes

Mesh Transformations

» What is Mesh Transformations
» How to Use Mesh Part Transformation: Rotation
» Mesh Parts Extrusion from 1D to 2D
» Extract 1D Coating Elements from 2D

Update Mesh

» Edit an Existing Advanced Surface Mesh-part
» How to Update Mesh

Mesh Analysis Tools

» What is Cutting Plane
» What is Elements Orientation
» What is Shrink Elements
» What is Mesh Parts Statistics
» How to Use Free Edges Browser
» About Intersections and Interferences Check
» How to Use Intersections / Interferences Check
» How To Perform Quality Analysis
» How to Use Standard and Quality Visualization
» What is Null Size Bar Element Quality Checker
» What is Duplicate Element Checker
» What is Duplicate Nodes Checker
» How to Use Unmeshed Domain Browser
» What is Group Definition by Boundary
» Visualization of Meshes and Groups
» How to Visualize Meshes and Groups

Import/Export Meshes
» What is Import/Export Mesh

Welding Connections

» What is Analysis Connection
» Welding Meshing Methods - Toolbars
» How to Create Spot Weld Connection Mesh
» Spot Weld Meshing with Hemming Zone
» How to Analyze Failed Spot Weld Connection Meshes
» How to Create Seam Weld Connection Mesh
» How to Create Surface Weld Connection Mesh
» How to Create Nodes to Nodes Connection Mesh
» How to Create Node Interface Mesh

CATIA V5 FE Mesh Solid (FMD, 0.5 gün)

Introduction to FEM Solid

» What is FEM Solid
» User Interface
» General Process for Solid Mesh Generation
» Accessing the Workbench

Solid Meshing Using Tetrahedron Filler

» What is Tetrahedron Filler
» Tetrahedron Filler Parameters
» Generating Solid Mesh Using Tetrahedron Filler

OCTREE Tetrahedron Mesher
» What is OCTREE Tetrahedron Mesher
» OCTREE Tetrahedron Mesher - Local Parameters
» OCTREE Tetrahedron mesher - Quality Parameters
» OCTREE Tetrahedron mesher - Other Parameters
» Generating Mesh Using OCTREE Tetrahedron Mesher

Sweep 3D

» What is Sweep 3D
» Generating Solid Mesh Using Sweep 3D

Mesh Part Transformations

» What is Mesh Part Transformations
» Solid Mesh Generation Using Translation
» Solid Mesh Generation Using Rotation
» Solid Mesh Generation Using Symmetry

Solid Meshing Using Mesh Part Extrusion
» What is Mesh Part Extrusion
» Solid Mesh Generation Using Extrusion with Translation
» Solid Mesh Generation Using Extrusion with Rotation
» Solid Mesh Generation Using Extrusion with Symmetry
» Solid Mesh Generation Using Extrusion along Spine

Mesh Analysis and Mesh Data Transfer

» Quality Analysis
» Cutting Plane Analysis
» Import/Export Meshes